Using Primavera is a blog dedicated to helping Oracle Primavera users get the best out of the Oracle Primavera suite of products. It is deeply rooted in Oracle Primavera P6 and will expand to other Oracle Primavera products.

Our aim is to provide you with all the practical information needed to get the most out of using Oracle Primavera.

Who is this for?

  • New Primavera users who want to get started now and get better later.
  • The more experienced user who wants to get more out of their Primavera products.
  • The IT professional who wants to provide the best p6 environment for their business user.
  • Software Developers who want to write applications using P6.
  • Business leaders who want to know how P6 can help them turn their strategic aims into executable work.

About Barrie Callender

My name is Barrie Callender. I never intended to get involved in Project Management, but somehow landed a job supporting Artemis 2000 in November 1987. That was for Metier Management systems where I stayed for 13 years, followed by 5 years at Pinnacle Management Systems inc and a further 10 at what became Ten Six Consulting.

In June 2016 I started my own company to see what might happen. I then read Technical Blogging by Antonio Cangiano and decided to start this blog using the posts I had written for Usingp6.com. I will expand it beyond Oracle Primavera P6 to the other Oracle Primavera products.

On a personal note, I am married to my lovely wife Lisa and we have two teenage children. I enjoy the world of project consulting where I earn my keep. On reflection, I would probably be happiest if I could write software for a living.

Maybe one day I will find out.

I mostly consult for clients who have bought the Oracle Primavera products. Find more about Oracle Primavera here

More About Us

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